Presbyterian World Mission Shortfall

I have decided to start posting information for those seeking to donate to my YAV fund at the end of each post.

If you have kept with the blog or knew me well before I started writing, you can guess I am not comfortable doing that.  I hate asking people for money to support me, I would rather they just donated when they felt called.

Except I just saw that Presbyterian World Mission, the division of the P(USA) that sponsors the YAV program will likely face a deficit in 2016 and 2017. I have grown this year due to this program’s challenges via this support. I hope and believe that those with whom I have worked have also benefitted, though likely less than me.

Additionally, our YAV group was given the goal to raise $20,000 together beyond the $4,000 expected of each volunteer. I raised $4,000 and stepped off the gas a bit, relieved to be done with an activity that I find so repulsive.

That reason makes me want to reach out again, but more so, I have grown connected to World Mission this year. They do good work. This year, I have met several Mission Co-workers that I admire and the incredible partnership work that they do. These are people I do not want to see pushed out of their call. Nor do I want to see their work come to end.

The money sent to my account is used to fund the YAV program, which frees up the funds allocated by World Mission. In some small way, I hope that contributions to my year might serve as a drop in the bucket. Plus, I hope to start carrying my weight a bit more in seeking funds, even if that means asking others to carry that weight as well.

As always, give or do not give. Know that your money goes to an accountable organization that is intentional in its work against poverty. I will be including the link to give to my fund at the end of each post.

So, here is the link:

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