Ecotheology: A New Interest

Jed mentioned the other day that he had heard Ephraim, a professor at the seminary where we have learned a few lessons give talks on ecotheology. As Jed explains it, this branches out of liberation theology into a discussion of how human beings as part of creation are more than stewards. It brings us into solidarity with the environment and aligns better with the Andean cosmovision concerning nature.

I’m eager to learn more about this idea during the upcoming year, because it may help me reconcile my environmentalist values with my education in economics. I’ll write a post about this soon, but I truly hope to be able to take more solidified stances on hot button issues like environmentalism.

With ecotheology, I’m really interested in the notion of humans as part of creation. If we are just stewards then we remove ourselves from the whole picture. As part of creation, it reminds us that we are united to the Earth and creation.

I’ve often thought that much of the anti-climate change work is about us trying to make sure the Earth stays livable for humans and most other animals. Earth is highly resilient and some form of life would survive even if we were to make it inhabitable for ourselves. Environmental activism is then a form of self-interest. I am curious to see how this self-interest view fits or does not fit within the scope of ecotheology, which puts us in solidarity with the environment.

As I head into a line of work that is a microsolution to climate change, this will be very important in the year to come. If you know of good resources for this, let me know!


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